Hi! And welcome to my first blog post. I thought that there was no better place to start other than a little introduction to our family. So without further ado:

The star of the show.

Meet our blogging family.

This is Ivy. She likes chocolate (but who doesn’t?), reading and by reading I mean closing the book whilst I’m trying to read, the great outdoors; she would spend every day in the garden if she could (British weather permitting, which it does not permit very often) she likes to pick up every little piece of something she can find and pass it to me “Oh, tar. A weed was just what mummy wanted.” (I will rent her out at the weekends if you need a spot of weeding done). She is a very happy, independent, feisty little female who knows her own mind at the tender age of one (god help her daddy when she’s a teenager). We wouldn’t have her any other way though.

The general dogs bodies.

Meet our blogging family.

This is Stuart and I (Heather). I used to be a Supervisor in a chain clothing store. I was due to go back to work in April of this year following 9 months maternity leave as the Assistant Manager but I gave that (stressful) life up to become a SAHM (also stressful, god dammit). I do believe it was the best decision I could have made and I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to do so. My hobbies (do I even have that much free time anymore to call them hobbies?) include, my dog, reading, walking, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, cinema, cooking, baking and quite recently make-up (how expensive is this hobby?! My word!).

Stuart works over on YouTube on a Gaming Channel that he is immensely proud of. He also writes game reviews for an online website. His hobbies include, gaming (would you have guessed that one?), gaming on You-Tube (even more shocking), everything and anything to do with comic books, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, eating porridge for breakfast, dinner and tea (what is it with males and porridge?) and most recently working out (there are weights, weights and more weights currently being stored in every possible place of the house!). A big hobby of his is graphic design and he created the logos you see on this very blog.

Stuart might possibly be shown in a negative light (keep reading Stuart, I swear I’m about to say something nice) sometimes in this blog, but that’s because it’s my space to write and sometimes I just might need to vent. So I would like to take this opportunity to say we are incredibly lucky to have you and you work so hard for our family, so thank you. And we wouldn’t have you any other way (expensive porridge habit and all).

The original baby.

Meet our blogging family.

This is Star. She likes, cuddles, people who come to visit (especially if they bring treats), treats, long walks, visiting her son (who lives at Nana and Grandad’s house) and dinner time, she knows it’s coming up to dinner time a whole hour earlier and sits by her bowl just to make sure she doesn’t miss it.

I got Star when I moved out of my parents, a whole year before Stuart and I moved in together so she is most definitely MY dog, although Stuart has now warmed up to her. She was quite highly strung when I got her and I couldn’t so much as move an inch without her being attached to me. I was extremely worried when I found out I was pregnant and spent many nights crying and worrying about it. But she’s since calmed down a bit but when evening strolls around (and there’s a baby in bed, eventually!) I collapse into the sofa and there she is, attached to my hip. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So that is us. Just your bog standard family trying to find their bog standard existence in this world and I would like to take you all along with us so please stay tuned for more.



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