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As my daughters first birthday was approaching I was at a complete stump as to what to do to celebrate it. I knew I didn’t want to do anything too big or extravagant because a) that’s just not me, b) the expense and c) Ivy wouldn’t give two hoots. I’d always heard of a cake smash and thought it was a brilliant idea, I loved googling and looking at all the little cake smeared, happy faces. A few of my friends had also done a cake smash for their childrens birthdays and loved it. So off I went on facebook in search of a photographer in my area. I found one that looked perfect. She seemed so lovely and patient with all of her clients and was based just outside the town centre. We managed to book her for the day before Ivy’s actual birthday and that was that.

The appointment was at 2pm so I thought “brill, that’s enough time to get Ivy up, dressed, fed, played with and back down for a nap before we go!”. Oh no, that’s not how it went. Ivy refused to nap, at all. Of all the days when she usually goes down like clock work, it was a day when we had something planned (typical).

Stuart and I had invited our mothers to come along with us for the experience so we all couldn’t fit in one car. So Ivy and I went in my mums car and Stuart jumped in with his mum to follow us and off we went, not having a clue where we were going. The address on google maps was showing it to be on an industrial estate, which seemed a little odd to me. We managed to find the road we were supposed to be on with no problems. But then we were up and down it numerous times trying to find the actual studio. After about the 6th u-turn and the hundredth eye roll from Stuart everytime we passed each other, I shouted “IT’S THERE!”. And there it was tooked up in the corner. We parked up and then I looked down at Ivy who was FAST ASLEEP. She must have fallen asleep in the ten minutes we were trying to find the place. Great.

I got Ivy out of her car seat and she didn’t wake up. We walked into the studio and up two flights of stairs and she didn’t wake up. I sat her on the little couch in the corner of the studio to try and wake her up and she just wasn’t budging. My light sleeper had suddenly decided to become a deep ‘I’m-Not-Waking-Up-For-Anything’ kind of sleeper. Eventually I managed to get her to wake up, which she wasn’t happy about at all. Cue lots of eye rubbing and tears and waves and waves of mum guilt. She eventually calmed down though and soon got in to the swing of things when a massive cake was placed in front of her and she was told to go to town and that is exactly what she did. It has to be one of the best experiences watching her little face light up and having so much fun. I would definitely recommend anyone to book their little ones in for a cake smash.


Check out all of the pictures below.











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