Weaning Products We Found Useful In Conjunction With Baby Led Weaning

Weaning products

These products don’t have to be necessarily used in conjunction with BLW. They are, at the end of the day, just weaning products. But we didn’t need to use any products to turn our food into purees. Nor did we use any storage pots to freeze batches of food, so none of those products will be in this post. Baby Led Weaning meant that Ivy could eat whatever we were eating so we never needed to use these types of products. If you’d like to learn more about BLW then please check out Our Baby Led Weaning Experience post.

Following up with that post, I thought it would be handy for you if I listed the different products that we used along the way and that we found to be the most useful. I hope you find this post helpful if you are entering into the weaning phase which can be daunting but believe me it can be extremely fun too.


Stokke Tripp Trapp

I have always loved Stokke. My obsession runs deep. So deep that we not only have the Stokke highchair, but we have a Stokke pram, and we also have the Stokke carrier (I also longed after the Stokke crib, but that was stretching the bank balance a bit too far). Stokke isn’t cheap. It’s just a brand that I love. So as much as this product was useful to us, and I love it, there are other cheap highchairs out there that do the job perfectly.

But I didn’t just fall in love with this highchair because of the brand. The appeal to me was that Ivy could sit at the table with us, something I felt strongly about and something that in my opinion goes hand in hand with BLW. It worked great for us.

Tray for Stokke Tripp Trapp

That is until we realised while Ivy had the right coordination to put food in her hand and then into her mouth, she tended to swipe her arm across the table at the same time, sending all of her food cascading onto the floor. So we did end up investing in the tray to go with the highchair. We just made sure she still ate when we ate, so that we were all involved with meal times. And once her arm swiping ceased we moved her back to eating at the table with us.

I also love that this highchair grows with your child. You can slide the foot shelf out and move it down as her legs grow. And eventually it turns into a chair that she can use right through till she’s well, an adult! What an investment!

Table Mat

Summer Infant Tiny Diner – Green

This is the mat we used right at the beginning and it is the mat we are currently using now. At the beginning it was brilliant because it doesn’t have sections and BLW is all about them getting tucked in with their hands and exploring touch as well as the other senses. This mat is also great for when we eat out, it easily folds up and fits in the changing bag without taking up too much room and is easily wiped clean.

Now that Ivy is older I am looking into buying a table mat that has the sections built in because at the beginning I was only giving Ivy one to two items of food at a time whereas now she has proper meals. (And she is currently going through a food throwing phase and if I give her a plate or bowl she just picks it up and chucks it! (Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated!)


We went through so many bibs before we found the perfect one!

  1. The Smock Bib: Baby Infant feeding Bib Smock Waterproof with Sleeves

This smock bib was great at first because it covered all of her top half but we found once Ivy was exploring a bit more with food it didn’t catch any of the food because it didn’t have the pocket on the bottom and also the bottom half of her still ended up covered in food.

2. The Velcro Bib With Pocket: Blulu Waterproof Baby Bibs with Food Catcher Pocket

We tried all kinds of Velcro fastener bibs like these ones which did work for a while until Ivy soon learnt that she only had to pull on the bib to unfasten it!

3.Wipe Clean Pocket Bib: BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib

This BabyBjorn bib was the bib I truly wanted but couldn’t justify buying, because it is a bit pricier that the others. And then I found a cheaper version!

Cheaper Version of the BabyBjorn Bib

ALAS! My friend got me addicted to this shopping site called Wish which sells a lot of cheap products that come from overseas. So I found myself searching baby products on it and found this one that is pretty much identical to the BabyBjorn one! The only downfall (which isn’t a downfall with the bib itself) is that it took quite a while to come but was totally worth the £12 saving once it did arrive. The writing scrubbed off of it after a few washes but that didn’t bother me. It does the job perfectly. Ivy can’t unfasten it. It has the pocket so it can catch the majority of her food. It cleans easily. It folds up easily and is small enough to fit in the changing bag to take with us if we eat out. Sold.


Munchkin Toddler Fork & Spoon Set 12 Months BPA Free

Cutlery is cutlery. I imagine they’re all near enough the same but these are the ones we are currently using to try and get Ivy used to using cutlery. We just used little cheap plastic spoons before these, so that she could get used to holding cutlery.


Tommee Tippee Magic Gripper Mat

We use this gripper mat with the bowls below, which work perfectly together.

Explora Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls 4 Pack

These come in handy for sloppy meals such as porridge, soup and pasta, noodles or rice dishes.


Nuby 2 Handle Super Spout No Spill Cup

Again we tried so many! I don’t know how many different Tommee Tippee ones that she just never took to. That is until my mum came home with this Nuby one from a cheap shop and she loved it. She used this one for such a long time. It does claim to be non-spill which it is whilst she’s drinking it but not so much when she’s holding the handles and throwing it up and down and we all get sprayed with water. Which she finds hilarious (go figure).

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

When the time came to move Ivy onto a “bigger” cup with no handles and that would get her used to using an ordinary cup, there didn’t seem to be any other contender where the internet was concerned. This Munchkin cup seemed to be so highly reviewed among other weaning parents. But I just couldn’t understand how it worked from just the picture online. How could it be non-spill? What kind of trickery is this?

Then it arrived in the post and I still couldn’t work it out. In the end my one year old daughter had to teach me. I just thrust the cup filled with water in her direction and prompted her to drink from the edge and she took to this one straight away as well! Now I understood the hype. Again this claims to be non-spill and it is whilst she’s drinking it until (are you noticing a pattern here?) she thinks it’s a game and she chucks it on the floor and it hits the floor with so much force that there is a mini puddle left in its wake. Is there actually a cup that claims to be non-spill and lives fully up to this hype out there? I don’t know. But this comes pretty close.

What products have you found useful and would recommend? Leave a comment in the comment box below 🙂

*This post may contain affiliate links. However all opinions are entirely my own (see disclosure post).



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