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I never thought I would see the words sane and parent in the same sentence, ever. They don’t always go hand in hand. I think as soon as you enter into parenthood then you are giving up your sanity for good. I read a quote that said “All Mothers are Insane” and I generally have to agree.

But there are a few things that as a couple can help the other person to feel like they have regained their sanity, even if it is for five minutes. Every minute to ourselves counts as a parent!

Date days/nights:┬áThis is the obvious one. Making time for each other is a big way to stay sane as a couple. But it doesn’t have to be spending an absolute fortune on a meal out every time. It could be as simple as sitting down in front of the telly with a bowl of popcorn and your favourite T.V. show or a film (after spending an hour arguing about what to watch “that’s it date nights ruined!”).

Alternate morning/night time routines: We always alternate our mornings and night times so that we each get a lie in and a night to ourselves at least once a week. It did take us a while to get into this routine because of Stuarts job, I tended to do most of the mornings and night times at first, which led to a lot of arguments! But now that we are in this routine the majority of our arguments have stopped.

Making time for each others hobbies: It’s important to spend time together without the kids but also to have time to ourselves. This is a big part of how I stay sane as a parent. Having that night to myself to spend on me makes me feel like a new woman the next day! (Steady on!) Even just knowing I can make time for myself is a big relief because I can look forward to it each week.

Sharing the housework: We have always shared the housework in our house. I also think it helps to teach your children that ALL jobs are equal. It also helps that we don’t get so overwhelmed with keeping on top of the housework because it isn’t just one of us dealing with the workload by ourselves. We don’t put pressure on the other either, if we each know what needs doing and who’s doing it then we let them get on with it in their own time (within reason though, Stuart has a ‘takes-me-a-month-to-get-anything-done’ mentality sometimes).

Doing something nice for each other: Whether it’s running an errand for them or running them a bath without them asking. It’s the little things that let the other person know you’re thinking of them and you know how hard parenting is and that you got their back. It helps knowing you’re not alone in this. There’s nothing like a cuppa and a biscuit or a glass of wine poured and handed to you that says “I love you”.

What do you do as a couple to help each other to stay sane as parents? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!


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