Last year, my little girl was way too little to understand what was going on during Halloween. I dressed her in a cute little sleep suit that said “My First Halloween” and tried to take a few pictures of her whilst she was whaling away on the floor like “what is the fuss?”. And what is the fuss? Running around the shops last minute trying to find an outfit for your child, with said child in tow, screaming their head off “NO I DON’T WANT TO BE A GHOST!” I mean who does, but when that’s the only outfit left, you can’t be too choosy kids, alright! I don’t have this problem yet so maybe I will resent in the future.

But for now, I genuinely can’t help myself! When October rolls around and the air gets a bit fresher and the leaves start to fall I just get this warm feeling (probably due to the amount of hot chocolate that I start to consume) and the count down to Halloween starts. It’s not that big over here in the UK as it is in America but we’re slowly beginning to catch on and boy am I glad! I must admit now that I have a child of my own it has brought a whole new meaning to the end of the year with Halloween and (dare I say it) Christmas. I still know that Ivy isn’t fully aware of what is going on, but I love watching her explore and learn with each new experience. It’s so much fun to dress up and pick pumpkins for the first time with her!




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