Ivy has always been quite lucky when it comes to nappy rash. She’s only had it bad twice since she was born. Teething doesn’t seem to affect Ivy’s bottom at all, I would call her ‘one of the lucky ones’ but instead it affects her ears and I don’t know what’s worse! Now this could be down to good genes (she takes after me, Stuart!) or it could be down to the fact that I have always used a nappy rash preventative cream. I dunno.

But I do know I have tried them all. As well as a tube a family friend had bought for us in a pack at our baby shower and a tube I had bought myself in a frantic rush to buy all the last minute essentials at 36 weeks pregnant (I always leave things to the last minute) I also had about a million (might be over exaggerating a little) of the freebies you get in the mum to be packs. Metanium, Bepanthen, E45, Boots own brand and of course Sudocrem in those little grey pots. Just to name a few.

These all worked really well but I always found myself going back to Sudocrem (might have had something to do with the 20+ pots I had in the draw) I just found it worked a lot better and it was better value for money. But it was only when Ivy was a few months old that I realised there were two different types of Sudocrem. The Sudocrem in the grey pots are to be used if your baby has nappy rash. And Sudocrem Care & Protect is what can be used at every nappy rash. I was amazed to find this out (it doesn’t take much) because I had always assumed there was only the one type and that it could be used with every nappy change.

A bit more about Sudocrem Care & Protect (SC&P): SC&P is delicate enough for your little ones skin from newborn right up to when it’s finally time to potty train. “It is a barrier ointment with a unique formula designed to offer triple action protection for skin prone to nappy rash.” It provides a protective barrier to keep their little bottoms from rubbing and irritation. It also conditions the skin and guards against infections.

So when they got in touch with me to review this product I was more than happy to say yes. I used this product back when Ivy was a couple of months old after finding out about it and I did rave about it then but once the tube was all used up I went on to the several other tubes of nappy preventative creams I had in the draw. So I was eager to go back to this product and try it out again.

I have now been using this product for two months on Ivy’s little (cute and dimply) bum. And I have to say it is winning me over all over again. As much as I do think the other nappy rash creams work the consistency of them is quite thick and I always found myself using far too much of the product and running out of them fast. Which was costing quite a bit of money each month. The consistency of the SC&P is a lot thinner so I don’t tend to use as much, and I assume it must feel a lot better on Ivy’s skin as if it wasn’t even there.

It is also in a squeezable tube which I find is a lot easier to use and I can even pop the lid off and use it one handed whilst using the other hand to try and keep my daughter from crawling away (that’s the hard part!). I received the 50g tube which like I said I have been using for two months now and I still have half a tube left. So even though it is only a little bit pricier than some of the other nappy preventative creams, a 50g tube costs £4.49, I feel you do get good value for money. You could even get the 30g tube which only costs £2.99 and it would still go a long way.

So all in all I would definitely recommend this product for any parents who are finding keeping nappy rash at bay difficult and who are looking for a good product that will go a long way for their money.

Have you tried this product before? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments down below!


*We were kindly sent a tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect for the purposes of this review but all opinions are of my own to give you an honest point of view.


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