The other morning I looked up at the clock and it was 11 am. I walked into the living room to find I still hadn’t drawn the curtains that day. Mainly because I was too busy running around trying to get breakfast over with, the washing in the washing machine, tea in the slow cooker, the floors swept and all the dishes washed. And then Ivy became an extremely tired, clingy, mini person at my feet. So I was trying to get her to sleep and I thought well I might as well leave the curtains drawn. But then what would the neighbours think? They’d think I was being lazy and I’d been in bed all morning! HAH! Chance would be a fine thing.

I then realised I couldn’t find one single dummy in the house. Not one. So I had to shove some appropriate clothes on, shove my hair up on my head, get Ivy in her pram and zoom to the shops to buy some new ones (they have to be the most expensive ones in the shop she won’t have any of the others) before the inevitable tantrum ensued. We then got home and Stuart came sauntering downstairs after being in bed all morning (it was his turn for a lie in), and informed me we could now leave to drop Ivy off at his parents. How convenient.

So we were in the car on the motorway on our way, with a cranky, tired baby. I had already given her a dummy in the car, which she had thrown and then given her the other one out of the packet, which then also got thrown. I proceeded to shout out loud “I CAN’T BLOODY FIND THEM NOW!” to which Stuart replied “why don’t you use the dummy clip anymore?” “because I can’t find it anywhere.” He then said, “why can’t we ever find anything?” to which a big mushroom cloud went off in my head. Like in the movies where they zoom into the persons wide eyed face and show inside of their head. An actual waste ground where they are nuclear testing, they press the trigger button and BOOM the mushroom cloud goes off. Stuart had pressed my trigger button.

And I thought this is it. The difference between a mother and a father. My brain does not switch off from being a mother. I wake up, I’m mothering. I nip to the shops, I’m mothering. Even when Ivy isn’t in the same house as me, my brain is constantly thinking of her and “what am I forgetting?” “what does she need?”. Even when I have my free time I find it hard to switch off from being a mother. Stuart? He can switch off. He can take root in his “man cave” (computer room) and enjoy his free time without worrying about a god damn thing, except which game to play! And then he comes sauntering back out like “what’s for tea?” (Insert angry face emoji here and while we’re at it insert the one sticking the middle finger up as well!). Men are oblivious to how much overtime a woman’s brain, especially a mothers brain, does and how bloody exhausting that is!

It’s safe to say he got an earful that morning in the car and he still looked at me with a blank face like “wow, what’s set you off?” Pfft. Men.

Are your partners the exact same? Let me know in the comments below!


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