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Before I was pregnant, my hair was in an okay condition. I hadn’t dyed it for four years before I decided to get highlights this year (more on that later). I’ve had my hair dyed purple, bright red, ginger, blonde, near black, red highlights, blonde highlights, dip-dyed blonde and my natural colour brown. I’ve had it down to my bottom, in a bob, shoulder length and even one patch shaved at the side of my head.

My hair was naturally straight when I was younger, which then inherited a slight annoying wave until I had a drastic, horrific perm in high school (I must have been going through a crisis). Once it started growing out it became soft bouncy curls in college and this is how I like to remember my hair. Long, thick, curly, medium brown hair with highlights. I WANT THIS HAIR BACK PLEASE. I would trade my dull, dark, greasy, brown hair in a flash.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, this dull, dark, greasy, brown hair made it’s first appearance. But I put it down to feeling like a fresh bag of sh*t warmed up because of all of these new pregnancy hormones floating around in my body. I was constantly feeling sick, crying at everything and feeling exhausted all of the time so my hair was the least of my worries at the time.

When I was a month into my second trimester my hair started glowing. Finally ‘The Glow’ “they” always talked about had arrived. My hair went from being dull to bright, from dark brown to warm brown, from greasy to thick, shiny, healthy hair. Out of all of the uncomfortable-ness of pregnancy, my hair was about the only thing on my side!

Until Ivy was born that is. Then it was back to being it’s dull, lifeless self. Mainly because I didn’t have the time to jump in the shower for longer than 5 minutes, never mind grabbing a 3 minute miracle conitioner. Oh no, I don’t have time for that, just pass the 2-1. Rinse and repeat? You must be joking.

Also came the hair loss… But I have a little fact for you. Someone told me that during pregnancy your hair growth speeds up, due to hormones, so you don’t lose as much hair, hence why your hair feels thicker during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, this process slows down again and that’s why it appears like you’re losing more hair, when in fact you’re losing what you would have lost anyway. I know, that fact didn’t help me either.

The panic still set in, “OMG, I’m going to be bald by Christmas at this rate!” After not dying my hair for four years, and being quite proud of that, I decided to get blonde highlights. Not only in the hopes that it would dry my hair out a bit but that it might make me look like I made a bit more of an effort than just a quick brush and a spritz of dry shampoo (magical stuff!). But the highlights only helped so much. Rather than before when it would get greasy after a few hours of being washed, it now took a day at least…

I also began to adopt “The Bun” as my partner calls it, around the time Ivy was born. “Oh no, not ‘The Bun’ again!” “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realise I was more than a milk machine, here to satisfy everyone else’s needs but my own!” It was just too convenient to shove it out of the way and focus on the baby. Then the baby got old enough to pull and yank at my hair so the bun stayed. Even one and a half years on, from giving birth to Ivy, you will still find me wearing “The Bun” more often than not. I’ve embraced it now. But Stuart still hasn’t.


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