open letter to mother now i have daughter

Dear mum,

I get it. It’s taken me 25 years and a baby girl of my own but now I finally get it. I get now that all encompassing feeling when you hold your daughter for the first time and that automatic love you feel for her. The pride you feel for this little being who hasn’t even spoken their first words yet. I get now that my life changed for the better. I know that I lived for her now.

I get now that overwhelming feeling of panic when you realise you have to raise this tiny little girl into becoming a strong, confident and independent young woman. You have to raise this little lady to go out into the big, scary world all by herself. I get now the feeling of crushing responsibility that this baby girl will look up to me and that the kind of woman I am will reflect back on her. I get now that feeling of loneliness that comes with being a mother. That feeling of self-doubt creeping in all of the time and being so harsh on yourself.

I get all of this because you too must have gone through all of these things when you brought me into the world and I didn’t get it until I went through it too, but I get it now. I get all of this because you brought me up to be a strong, confident woman. To be independent and to go out into the world and get what I want because you did all of those things. You showed me how to be the best parent I can be by showing me your strength in how you tackled every day as it came. You taught me to stand up for myself and my beliefs because you weren’t afraid to do that yourself. I took all of this on board to become a better person myself so that I can raise my daughter to be a better person herself.

You probably didn’t know you were doing it at the time because you were just being you. But I want to thank you for being you. You are my best friend, my confident but you are also my worst critic and I thank you for that. I am proud to call you my mother and I can only hope one day that I make Ivy proud that I am hers.

Your proud daughter,



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