I’ve really struggled at coming up with little Christmas presents for Ivy this year that weren’t pointless and a waste of money. What does a one year old really need? Pray tell. Especially one that has so many family and friends wanting to buy for her because she’s so lucky.

I have been trolling the internet for ideas and to be honest there aren’t a helluva lot so I thought I would put the hard work in and try to come up with a list to help other parents that are struggling also.

I tried to think hard of what would benefit them more than anything and I think all babies/toddlers are learning so I have leaned towards the more interactive toys with this list. Toys that I think aren’t a total waste of money because your child will be learning whilst also having fun. I have also tried to stay gender neutral in my choices.

My First Ride Kids Push Along Car


Ivy actually received one of these for her first birthday and loved lifting the hidden compartment and hiding all kinds of things in there. Food, dirt, keys, other important items, yeah you get it. But she has only just started sitting on it and realising she can push herself around on it. It’s actually great fun to watch but not great for the skirting boards.

100 Piece Wooden Blocks Set


Ivy loves stacking things or in other words, watching me stack them and then coming over and knocking them all down and laughing out loud in the process. This would be brilliant for introducing shapes and different ways to stack them. It could also be used to introduce different colours.

Playmobil Noah’s Ark


I recently came across a post on something called “fill & spill toys” and apparently babies/toddlers when they reach a certain age start to learn about object permanence, which is when an object is there and then it isn’t. So they love playing with toys that they can fill and then empty again. That’s where this lovely Noah’s Ark comes in. Plus you can teach children the different animals and their noises as they play with it.

Shape Sorting Cube


Again my daughter already has one of these but she plays with it so much. At first she just liked to open the lid and put the shapes in and then chuck them out all across the living room. But with a some guidance she has started to try to put the shapes through the right slots. It’s something that we can play and learn together.

Push Along Toy


This helps to coordinate your child whilst they’ve just learned to walk and it also bring them endless joy when they run it into your ankles for the fiftieth time that day.

Leapfrog Number Loving Oven


Ivy loves things that have a draw that pulled down so she can stash things in it and close it up and then pull it back down and do it all over again. This little oven also teaches them numbers.

Baby Band Musical Instrument Set


Ah yes, the toy you really really don’t want to buy because you can just imagine the headache but then the mum guilt sets in and you buy it anyway. Or get a family member to buy this one and then you can curse them for eternity (or at least for the few weeks until the child gets bored of it).

Tractor Ted Farm Animal Crayons


Ivy has just started to get the hang of putting pen to paper, so to speak, because I don’t let her have pens. God no, crayons or pencils tend to wipe off everything a little easier! These would be a good stocking filler and again can teach colours and animals.

Roar: A Big Mouthed Book Of Noises


Books in general are a good option, I love nothing more than reading books to Ivy because I’m a big book nerd. At this age the more interactive a book, the better. I have bought this one for Ivy and I can’t wait for her to open it because I just know she’ll love when I read and act out the animal noises and what more does a baby love than poking their finger in everything? And that’s just what this book is for.

Nuby Octopus Bath Toy


Bath toys are also a good way for your child to interact and also a good distraction technique for washing their hair! This octopus is one of amazons best sellers and I can see how it could be lots of fun. Warning: bathroom may get flooded.

I really hope some or all of these have inspired and helped to relieve the panic of those that have left it till the last minute just like me. I always say each year I won’t do that this time, maybe I should stop jinxing myself.

Search for your last minute gifts here:


If you have any more ideas to add to the list, let me know in the comments down below.

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