I’m ALL about the family traditions. Ivy may grow up to love it or hate it but for as long as she is under my roof we will be donning matching Christmas jumpers and watching cheesy Christmas films galore all December. The End.

No really, here are the Christmas traditions that I hope to incorporate into our family lives, be it this year or for the years to come once Ivy properly understands.

  • Have a Weekly Christmas Film In The Late Afternoon/Early Evening: who doesn’t love curling up with all of the Christmas films that start coming on in early December. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a film about Christmas just one for all of the family to sit and enjoy.
  • 12 Books Of Christmas: Ivy is still quite young for this one, I read to her every night but I don’t think she’d fully appreciate unwrapping a book each night until next year. I have ordered a few Christmassy books for us to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas and I will keep adding throughout next year, I may buy more than 12 and just mix it up each year.
  • Annual Christmas Jumper Photo: Sorry Ivy this is non-negotiable. You will be donning that Christmas Jumper right up till your eighteenth birthday I’m afraid.
  • Visit The Local Garden Centre and Santa’s Grotto: Last year we went with my mum and my auntie to the local garden centre that is well known for their spectacular Christmas display each year. I couldn’t wait to take Ivy last year, she was five months old and loved looking at all of the twinkly lights. This year we have already been and she loved being able to walk about and explore and touch EVERYTHING in sight (and give me a heart attack if the price tag was over £50). We have yet to visit a Santa’s Grotto but I can’t wait to take her next year when she understands.
  • Decorate The House Together With Christmas Songs On: It just has to be done! There is nothing like stringing the decs up to officially put you in that Christmassy mood. But throw on some old Christmas Songs and call me Mrs Claus.
  • Mulled Wine/Mulled Cider: All day. Everyday. This one is for the adults (obvz) and I might be slightly over exaggerating when I say all day but I’m definitely not exaggerating when I say every day. The first taste of delicious mulled wine this year was actually consumed on bonfire night so I started particularly early this year.
  • Elf On The Shelf: I’m still a bit on the shelf with this one (hahaha, see what I did there?) because I’m not sure how to interpret it. Do you say the elf comes alive at night? Or do you say a real elf has been and left the toy elf in it’s place so that the child(ren) know that Santa is keeping his eye on them? I don’t know. There’s been a lot of people saying they’re 4+ year olds wouldn’t believe it. We were given one last year but obviously with Ivy only being five months old I didn’t bother with it. So far this year I’ve remembered to set it up twice. And each time I made a fuss “Oooooh *gasp* what’s that naughty elf doing over there!?” and pointing wildly at it and Ivy just looked at me blankly, picked it up and flung it across the room. So safe to say it hasn’t been going down all that well.
  • Christmas Crafting: I CANNOT wait till Ivy reaches the age where she understands arts and crafts. I’ve only just gotten her into colouring on paper and not just shoving the pencils in her orifices. But I can’t wait till we can start crafting Christmas cards or little gifts and tree decorations. And also baking. Mmmm, baking.
  • Christmas Advent Tree: This is an ornament that my mum bought when I was a little younger. It is a mini fibre optic tree that lights up and has a little train on a track going around the bottom. It can also play a tune as well as light up but the tune end up getting switched off after five minutes due to the headache it has caused. In the base of it, it has 24 mini Christmas tree decorations that you take out each day of December leading up to Christmas and hang on the tree. It was something I absolutely loved doing and it’s so beautiful. My mum gave it to me last year and I definitely intend for this to be a tradition. I just hope it doesn’t break so it can be passed down.
  • Christmas Eve Box: I’ve made my Goddaughter a couple of these but not Ivy just yet. Again it’s something I think she would appreciate more next year. I love setting them up though. I’m not going to be putting anything ridiculously expensive in them, just the usual; Christmas pj’s, a film, hot chocolate, popcorn, Santa’s plate, reindeer food, etc.
  • Santa’s Magic Key: (Is it just me noticing that innuendo? Yes? Just my dirty mind? Okay then…) Anyway, my MIL gave us this and even though we never did it as a kid I love the idea of it and I want to follow it on. My partner gave me the idea that on Christmas Eve we put the key into an envelope with Santa’s North Pole address written on it, and we tell Ivy that “daddy” will post it to Santa as soon as she is in bed. Another incentive for your child to go to bed early/on time? Yes please.
  • Santa’s Visit Application List: I hadn’t heard of this one at all until recently when I was googling ‘Christmas Traditions’ and came across this Netmums blog post and thought it was a brilliant idea. I can see kids being excited to fill this out about a week before Christmas and posting it off.
  • After Tea Christmas Present: This has always been a tradition of my family. I’m not sure where it comes from and whether any other families do this. But when we would have our huge family gatherings on Christmas Day, aunties and uncles and cousins would all gather at my Grandparents house. Each family would save one present to open each for after we had eaten our meals. They would always be a little present, nothing expensive and more often than not the adults presents would always be rude! So this is one tradition from my family that I want to carry on.
  • Christmas Morning Champagne: I mean come on. There is nothing like a Bucks Fizz (champagne & orange juice) as an incentive to get up off your ‘post-opening-presents’ bum and get in the kitchen and start cooking!

I would love to know your Christmas traditions that you wish to carry on or create for your family. Let me know in the comments down below.


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