Sometimes I struggle with coming up with new ideas of what to do with Ivy each month. Where to go? How far to travel? What’s on in my local community? So of course I thought I would share my research! I have chosen activities that I know will be available to most families in different areas. You also don’t have to limit these to the one month as most of the trips you can do all year round, such as going to the local aquarium.

I thought the idea of having an annual schedule that I can refer back to each month to jog my memory of ideas would be really helpful, so I thought I would share it. I will try to be a bit more organised and sometimes book ahead for things such as adventure parks, that require tickets. Obviously when it comes to the day of the trip I’ll still be more than likely chasing after Ivy all morning in my underwear trying to get ready, but hey ho, at least I won’t have to worry about what to do for the rest of the day!


Go on a nature trail – The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over with and you’ve just set your new years resolutions. Let me guess; health kick? So why not grab the kids and head outside into nature with them! There are loads of local wildlife trusts in your area that will be organising woodland trails that the kids are sure to love. There’s a Gruffalo Trail in our local area that I can’t wait to take Ivy on when she’s a bit older. Head to the National Trust website to see what’s available to you.


See a pantomime – In February the weather still isn’t all that good so heading to a pantomime seems like a good idea. There’s bound to be one on at your local theatre. It’s indoors, it’s entertaining, it keeps the kids quiet for a couple of hours. It may even keep them talking all day about it and give them lots of ideas for imaginative play. So why not ask a few mum friends to come along with their kids and make a day of it. Go for food afterwards to a restaurant with a play centre or back to one of your houses for a cuppa. I bet it won’t just be the kids shouting “It’s behind you!”


Visit some local gardens – The first day of the spring equinox is March 20th. So with that in mind wrap up warm (yep it will still be freezing cold in England) and head to some local gardens to see the budding flowers. It lets the kids breathe in some fresh air, run free and burn off some energy so that hopefully (please god) they will get an early night!


Attend an Easter craft fair – Easter falls on April 16th this year. So get creative with your kiddos and get creating those Easter crafts and also attend a craft fair in your local area. There’s always something for the adults as well as the kids. Our town hosts a big Easter egg hunt that all families and their children can get involved in and yours might too. Check out your towns website to find out.


Go to the Aquarium – Half term falls from May 29th to June 2nd so head to the aquarium! It is great for all ages because it’s not only informative about the sea life for older kids but it is also a sensory overload so younger kids who will love it. If you’re looking for something for all of the family to enjoy, then your local aquarium will be a big hit.


Go on Safari – The start of summer is June 21st so kick start summer with a trip to your local safari park. What kid doesn’t love wild animals? It’s a bit more exciting than visiting your local zoo because the kids have got to look out for the animals. Make it a game, who can spot the zebra first? Can’t afford to go on Safari? Set up your own “fake safari” in your back garden using stuffed animals hidden away with clues for the kids to go and find them.


Visit a water park – End of July marks the beginning of the school holidays so why not start with a splash and go to your nearest water park. Let the kids expel their energy in the water while you sit pool side pretending to sip on cocktails. Or you could join in with the splashing.


You’re in the middle of the school summer holidays and you’re thinking “what on earth do I do with the kids this week?” So here I have made a little list of all of the different trips out that you could possibly go on over the summer holidays other than what I have already mentioned.

  • Visit a museum – Keep that education up!
  • Go to a theme park
  • Visit the zoo/wildlife centre
  • Have a beach day
  • Go trampolining/rock climbing/orienteering 
  • A picnic in the park
  • Go camping – Why not pack the kids up and head out camping for a weekend.
  • Play centres – When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with soft play (unfortunately) or somewhere safe for the big kids to run around as well.


Go on a scavenger hunt – The weather might be starting to change or you might be catching the last few days of the warm weather so why not head outside again and create your very own scavenger hunt! If you’re not that creative then there’s bound to be one in your local area or a short drive away so you can make a day of it by taking a packed lunch.


Pumpkin picking at your local farm – October is all about those pumpkins. Pumpkin decorations. Pumpkin recipes. Pumpkin crafts. Pumpkin costumes. October is my favourite month, can you tell? Our local farm (which is about an 8 minute drive from our house) hosts a pumpkin festival. You can go with the kids and they can pick their own pumpkins (either ready picked ones or pick their own in the pumpkin patch fields). Last year they could carve their pumpkins with “Winnie the witch” and there was a story time corner where they could sit on hay bales and listen to kid friendly Halloween stories. They also have a cafe so us parents can have a pit stop. I can’t wait to see what they will do this year. Head to your local farm and see what they have on offer.


Go ice skating – The cold weather has settled in and what better way to kick off heading into Winter than by going ice skating? It’s always fun for all of the family (depending on your coordination skills that is) but even if you’re not that good I’m sure you’ll provide the rest of the family with some entertainment. Practice makes perfect.


Head to a winter festival – Winter festivals can stretch from mid November to the first week of January so if you don’t get everything done in one day, you can keep going back to them. They have a wide range of things to do, from ice skating, Father Christmas’ Grotto, craft tables, food stalls, music events and more! Big city centres tend to hold them and also big garden centres have their own Christmas events all of December.

Hope this list has helped to provide some inspiration for you. Happy adventures and don’t get too stressed out organising them!

Let me know if you try any of the above suggestions and how much fun/chaos they provided in the comments down below.


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