Sometimes there is a lot of stigma around parents “plonking” their child in front of the TV for a few hours or having it on constant in the background as soon as they wake up until your child finally goes to sleep at night. But come on mums and dads, lets all admit that we’ve found ourselves more often than not with our eyes glued to the TV when CBeebies is on, no matter what our age is. The majority of the time we’re thinking ‘W.T.F. am I watching’ but occasionally we’re quite enjoying this episode of Teletubbies. Whatever your thoughts are I’m sure you’ll find some of them on  my list down below.

  • When will this constant loop of theme songs stop going around in my head.
  • Why do you keep introducing new programs because I then have to go and buy my daughter the ridiculously priced merchandise?
  • But thank you for the smile that lights up my daughters face when her favourite program comes on.
  • *While watching Rastamouse* I will completely nail a Jamaican accent one day.
  • *When the “What’s On Your Plate” song comes on* Shit its dinner time already and I haven’t thought of something for my daughter to sling across the kitchen floor.
  • *Watching In The Night Garden* Wow, this song really does make you feel sleepy!
  • PHWOAR! Tom Hardy really is the most delicious looking guy.
  • Oh I’ve seen this episode.
  • Oh I don’t like this episode.
  • Who really thought that Mr Bloom was sexy? I mean why?
  • Why is Bing’s voice so annoying?
  • Who are Bing’s family?
  • What kind of creature is Flop?
  • How does he not even raise his voice once to Bing?
  • How is he not rocking backwards and forwards in a corner of the kitchen by now?
  • Were the majority of the people that came up with the idea for these programs extremely high when they thought of them?
  • Thank god I’m not the parent of Baby Jake and his 50 millions siblings. One is bad enough.
  • Why does a postman need a plane?
  • I mean how old is Pat?
  • Does he even qualify for a driving licence?
  • Is it just my partner and I that think the Twirlywoo’s look like various sized testicles?
  • Why is it Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave?
  • I mean why isn’t it Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Paw Paw or something relating to a panda?
  • Who names a panda Dave?
  • Is it just me that thinks if you close your eyes then ‘Alphablocks’ sounds like an extremely badly acted porno? “Eeeeeee, Oooooo, Aaaaaaa”
  • Yes! I finally know all of the alphabet song from the ‘Get Squiggling! Letters’ program!
  • Its only taken me five weeks.
  • And I just realised I’ve been saying the alphabet wrong all of these years.
  • Why haven’t Grandpa’s family taken him to the doctors?
  • I mean all of that “lying down” and you’d think they would be getting suspicious by now?
  • Why does Grandpa have to go everywhere the size of a small bird anyway?
  • Can’t he just take the kids out his normal size?
  • How many more years of CBeebies have I got to take?
  • Mostly; thank you so much for existing!

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