Well I blinked and Ivy turned one and a half (AND A HALF!). It’s strange because I feel like it was only yesterday I was staring in disbelief at a positive pregnancy test; but also I can’t imagine my life without her in it anymore.

I was looking back through my first few blog posts and I noticed I hadn’t done an update of how our ‘star of the show’ is getting along. After all this blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her!

So I have been making a note of the few things that I have noticed in the time since my daughter turned one (sob!). I feel like, other than learning to crawl and walk, this has been quite a big milestone in terms of speech and personality.


She’s amassed a heap of new words and has become so chatty. There’s nothing more determined than a toddler who has something to say to you (in their own language). You just HAVE to stop what you are doing and listen, but oh my is it the cutest thing to see.

Some of her favourite words are “no” (to everything) or “oh noooo” if she or someone else does something wrong/drops something/etc. She can say “please please please” but it sounds more like “peas peas peas” and is the most adorable thing she could possibly do to get whatever she wants (dammit!).

Another adorable thing she does is hug a teddy or get a pillow and put her head on it and go “awwww”. She also strokes the dogs head and says “awww”. I mean these kids right, they drive you insane and then go and do something so cute!

She’s also further understanding what we say to her such as “do you want a drink?” or “put it in the bin”. And if we say “have you done a poo?” she laughs her head off whilst running away from you, which is just so much fun. Not.

She’s also started sighing, tutting and gasping; which are obviously things she has picked up on from us! Oops!


She is getting so tall, she always grows out of her pants first because they become three quarters all of a sudden. I don’t know who she gets this from because I am an absolute short arse and Stuart is average height for a male. I do however have a 6ft+ brother and 6ft+ sister both with 6ft+ children on my dads side of the family, whilst I remain 5ft 1 (that 1inch makes all of the difference!) Pfft!

Her hair has gotten so curly! It stays neat & tidy for all of a minute after she first gets out of the bath and then it just expands. Stuart threatens to cut it all of the time because he knows it winds me up. I LOVE her hair.

That hair!


Shes so inquisitive and loves pointing at everything that we then have to explain what it is to her; which is a great way that kids can learn.

She waves goodbye and blows kisses whilst saying “mwuah” (adoooorable!). She also waves goodbye to the TV when a program goes off and the credits start rolling, which just fascinates me (it doesn’t take a lot really for a mother to be fascinated by their child). How does she know that that signals the end of a TV show? When it isn’t something we have taught her.

If she’s told not to do something we always say “no no” which she then copies whilst shaking her index finger (it works about half of the time). So now when she knows she isn’t allowed to touch something she always goes up to it and says “no no” and shakes her finger.

Something that has happened recently is she is trying more to make me and her dad laugh. She’s consciously doing something funny and looking at us waiting for our reaction. She finds herself highly hilarious also. The other day she put her dads slippers on and started brushing up, pretending to be him. I found that funny but he didn’t…

In daddy’s slippers, finding herself funny.


A few of her favourite toys are her play kitchen that she got for christmas. I’m not sure how much she knows of what to do with it, such as the little washing machine feature or the fridge. But she loves getting a utensil and a pot and stirring pretend food. She also loves feeding her teddies or the faces on her chair and stool. And she loves pretend feeding us or offering us a drink.

Another recent that isn’t really a toy but it is sitting herself on her little wooden stool or wooden chair because we’ve always had to put her on it ourselves whereas now she can shuffle her bum onto it. She beams at you once she has done it like “look what I can do now, mum!”.

Something she has been loving for months is her ride-along car that she always sits on back to front and pushes herself backwards around the living room on. Or she finds it funny running into our feet and legs (we don’t find it as funny though).

But the biggest thing Ivy loves to do is be outside. She is such an outdoorsy baby/toddler. She loves when I put her coat, hat & gloves on and we go out into the back garden where she can explore. Or when we go for walks with the dog.

Which brings me on to her relationship with our beloved dog, she absolutely adores her and vice versa. Ivy loves stroking her and kissing her and she loves when she thinks Star is chasing her or trying to lick her.

She also has a new sticker obsession, which is entirely her Nana’s fault for buying her sticker books and then sending them my way! I will now be peeling stickers off of my wooden floors for years to come. She still loves colouring and reading as well.

They get stuck to everything!


We went down the Baby-Led Weaning route (seeĀ How We Made Baby-Led Weaning Work For Us!) and I really do think that is why Ivy is really good with food. She loves her fruit and veggies, in fact I think she would eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing else.

That doesn’t mean however that she doesn’t have a massive sweet tooth. Did somebody mention chocolate? Then Ivy will not be too far behind. Obviously we limit it and I do think she would still prefer fruit (not sure how long this will last for?).

She’s become really good at using her fork or spoon and absolutely loves getting herself and the whole kitchen messy with yoghurt.

Eating a gingerbread the size of her head!

The naughty list

Oh have the tantrums started! I don’t know how a toddler learns to throw themselves on the floor when they have been “told off” but it’s actually the most hilarious thing to watch. I remember as a kid always getting more and more angry if my parents laughed at me whilst I was having a tantrum. But now I get it!

She’s also going through the phase of throwing EVERYTHING. Throwing food is the biggest thing that is getting to me at the moment. We’re trying to teach her if she doesn’t want something to leave it on her plate or give it to one of us. She also throws her drink after she’s done with it; it has taken us ages to find a bottle that doesn’t squirt juice everywhere with the impact of hitting the floor with such force! She just throws anything that she has to hand if she gets frustrated with it which is understandable; adults do that even now!

It isn’t just Ivy that ends up on the naughty list though. We noticed a couple of months ago that if Ivy dropped something she would say “oh sit” and it didn’t take us long to realise she had picked up “oh shit” from one of us. I blame Stuart and he blames me… But we have both been consciously making an effort to watch what we say around her more now.

Overall she is just becoming the most amazing, fun-loving, cheeky, clever little girl and I can’t wait to see what the next age milestone brings. On second thoughts, that’s the terrible two’s isn’t it? Maybe not so much then.


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