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I posted a couple of months ago about 6 Reasons Why I’m a Bad Mum and I found myself noticing even more reasons why I’m such a horrible mother and seriously, the list got pretty long…

I was overwhelmed with the response that post received. How many mums out there think that they’re a bad mum? So many of you! I am not the only bad mother out there! Rejoice.

So many of us beat ourselves up over the littlest of things when it comes to parenting. “Am I doing it right?” Who knows!? All I know is when I write these little (sometimes big) lists they actually help because I realise how ridiculous they are! How ridiculous I am being! At the end of the day we’re only human and we’re doing the best we can.

So come on bad mums, raise your hands high and be proud because the very same reasons that we are “bad” mums is exactly why we are not. The fact we notice these little things in the first place is reason enough that we aren’t actually that bad at this parenting thing. What we think make us terrible parents are in fact insignificant in the scheme of things.

So here are even more reasons why I’m a bad mum this month (or the ones I’m owning up to anyways)!

  1. Ivy learned a swear word: I mentioned in the last post that I was going to try and curb my curse words. Well that failed. I can’t help it, swearing is how I express myself! If I drop something/break something/trip up/you-name-it, I can guarantee that the first words out of my mouth are “Oh sh*t!” You guessed it, that is exactly what Ivy learned to say. I wasn’t sure she was actually saying it at first (that might have been denial though) because it sounded like “oh sit” so I assumed she just wanted a little sit down or something… Then I realised she said it if she dropped something… The light bulb went off. “OMG I’VE TAUGHT MY DAUGHTER A SWEAR WORD AT THE AGE OF ONE!” (Now if you’re reading this Stuart, you have it all wrong. This isn’t me owning up to anything, I am still adamant that it is all of your fault)!
  2. I gave her quavers for dinner: After starting off Baby-Led Weaning so well and Ivy being extremely good with her food; it has all gone downhill in these past couple of months. She’s started throwing EVERYTHING. Food, toys, anything she can get her hands on! She stares at you as well while she’s doing it as if to say “go on mum, does thou protest?”! So one particular night when I was feeling pretty exhausted from all of the throwing and I’d tried numerous different healthy foods that were just being wasted and slung across the kitchen floor. I grabbed a bag of quavers and said “HERE! Just eat these then!” and she did. Ivy 1 Mummy 0.
  3. I smacked her hand: I can’t even believe I’m admitting this one because I hate the thought of smacking children at all. It is a big no-no in my household. But by smacked I don’t really mean that because it ended up being more of a tap (not even that). There was force behind it; deep down in me something had been triggered and I couldn’t stop myself. But half way through putting my mind into action I must have realised what I was doing and I just sort of caressed her hand. She looked at me a little funny as if to say “what was that mum? Even I’ve got more in me than that”! She won that one as well.
  4. We don’t go out much: By out, I mean out-out. I always get outside with her and the dog because it does us all wonders. But when it comes to planning a trip out, I’d just rather not sometimes. Then sets in all of the mum guilt feelings and I just feel terrible. “Why am I so lazy!?” ” Why am I so selfish!” It all boils down to the fact that going outside with a toddler is too much like hard work. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy and I think that’s okay because some of our most memorable moments have actually happened right in our living room..
  5. I did a little dance when her grandparents took her to theirs: An actual dance right there in the hallway. I shut that door so quick the whole house shook. I turned that key to lock with so much force I’m pretty sure I bent it. I shouted “WOOHOO!” so loud that I’m pretty sure the whole street heard, nay the whole town! That was because Stuart was out as well and I was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The house was cleaned the other day, no laundry (none that couldn’t wait till tomorrow anyways) and I didn’t have any errands to run. Free time as a mother is just unheard of. Make the most of it people and don’t be ashamed!

I’m sure tomorrow there will be even more reasons why I’m a bad mum! But for now, I will limit it to just the five because that’s as far as my guilt is stretching for today. I also think that in time I will probably accumulate another list and I would like to turn this into a little series. I try not to be a bad mother but sometimes we can’t help it can we!

Let me know of any reasons why you’re a bad mum this week or whether you too have committed any of the crimes stated above, in the comments down below.


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