Have you just finished crying into a glass of wine because it took three hours to get your baby/toddler/child to sleep?

Breath a sigh of relief. I am a mum on a mission. A mission to let you know that you are not alone on this big, wide open road they call parenting.


I’m Heather. A mother to an independent, sassy, one year old daughter, named Ivy. I’m also the sole writer to this blog you have stumbled upon. I write for you, my fellow mothers (and fathers) because we are forces of nature. Making, growing and rearing up a child should be called a super power.

But we do often find ourselves sat on the kitchen floor, surrounded by a puddle of our own tears and being controlled by the smallest person in our house. In moments such as these, that is what I am here for. Whether it be for advice or to laugh along at all of my bad parenting choices (there are quite a few) then you will find it here.

Where it all began for me.

While I was about half way through my pregnancy I became completely obsessed with everything baby and pregnancy related (it got so bad I’m sure I made my partner drive to three different supermarkets just so I could get all of the baby magazine issues that were out that month).

This is also when I started freaking out because the realisation that I was soon going to have a tiny human (an actual human being!) so dependent on little old me kicked in. So I started to google search every question I had. Reading all of the mummy blogs I could find and also watching countless YouTube videos on pregnancy and birth and motherhood. And so my obsession with blogging began. I related to these women so much that I too wanted to share my experiences.

Once Ivy turned one and I had a good few months of parenting under my belt. So many days spent on an emotional roller coaster! I knew I needed to get it all out there. I needed other parents to know that they weren’t on their own. I wanted them to sit there reading my little blog and laughing (or crying) along with me because they too felt the exact same.

Being a mother is hard bloody work. So please join me, get the kettle on and put your feet up and take a load off (we mothers know these opportunities are very rare!).